Construction vehicles are chosen given the requirements of the site and the limitations that it imposes. A construction site which has a lot of restrictions requires a different crane just like a construction site on an open grassy land would require a different one. It all narrows down to the ease of moving materials from one place to another. There are several kinds of cranes, all of which serve different purposes. A Boom truck is one which takes care of the movement through the weight and other pieces of equipment. These are the most commonly used construction cranes:boom trucks

  • Mobile Cranes: These are the most basic and commonly used cranes. These are the most popular cranes in the construction industry. Mobile cranes include a steel telescopic boom which is placed on the top of the platform. It is controlled by cables mounted on rubber-tired wheels. It follows the simple mechanism of lifting and moving aside objects. They require very low set-up and are easy to assemble.
  • Truck Mounted Crane: Popularly known as a Boom Truck, it is a handy crane, which runs on rubber-tired wheels. They are mobile and can easily carry around heavy stuff. It is highly reliable and efficient in lifting heavy materials without any fuss. A Boom truck has the latest technology and is equipped with a plethora of different features. It is handy in loading and unloading.

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  • Telescopic Cranes: Telescopic Cranes include a number of tubes which are fitted together. It can be used to build signal towers and carry out rescue operations. It can lift vehicles up from the water, such as boats, cars, and other vehicles. It has an exceptional pressure-driven instrument which stretches out or withdraws the cylinders to increase or to decrease the length of the telescopic boom.
  • Tower Crane: Unlike a boom truck, the tower crane is a kind of a modern-balance crane which is used to construct towering buildings. They can easily load 18,000 kgs of weight. It can handle height of up to 78 meters. Their lifting capacity is pretty mind-blowing. These cranes are fixed to the ground while the construction is taking place.

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  • Rough Terrain Crane: As the name suggests, Rough Terrain Crane is a crane which is perfect for rocky terrain areas which are inaccessible by a traditional crane. The crane has rubber tires, which are sturdy enough to carry the crane to uneven grounds. The crane remains stable and is commonly used for construction work which if off the road in rustic areas. The tires of the crane are specially designed and ensure that it is easy for the crane to reach such places
  • Loader Crane:  As the name suggests, A loader crane is a hefty, hydraulically-powered which has an arm fitted to the trailer. It is used to load gear onto a trailer. It can handle a lot of weight, which is why it is used at construction sites.
  • Floating Crane:
    Floating cranes are used in offshore constructions to build bridges, oil rigs, dams, and ports. Floating cranes have the limitation that they are fixed to the trailer and can’t be rotated. They can carry a massive weight of over 81,00,000 kilos. For more information about Boom Trucks click here!