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BeerTaster and Roast of Sharon Beer Tasting.

Roast of Sharon.jpg

The Roast of Sharon will be having a beer tasting evening on Thursday, July 28 at 7:00 pm and they have asked John and I at BeerTaster to host the evening.

A Blatant Theft from Alan at "A Good Beer Blog"

I admit it. Alan had a good idea and I am going to steal it! He wants brewers to send him beer! So do I! He wants advertisers! So do I!

Molson Coors Moves to Expand into the Craft Beer Industry.

Molson Coors announced today that they are starting a new division called Six Pints Speciality Beer Company.

Gatineau Beer Fest

Gatineau Quebec will be holding a Beer fest at the end of May. Here is just a bit of what they have to say:

Update: Another Protest against Canada's Antiquated Liquor Laws.


Terry David Mulligan had his little stroll across the B.C./Alberta border today and absolutely nothing happened.
The Liquor Cops (Used to be called Revenuers) ignored him completely.

Another Protest against Canada's Antiquated Liquour Laws.


Terry David Mulligan (who is something of a wine connoisseur and Canadian celebrity) is taking a case of wine between provinces to protest Canada's inter-provincial liquor laws.

Session #51: The Great Online Beer & Cheese-Off

session logo.jpg

Session #51 is being hosted by Jay Brooks at Brookston Beer Bulletin and he has gone all complex on us! Not only not just notes on pairing beer and cheese but he even specified the cheese.

Here we go again!

The Beer Store is going to revamp it's stores. They call it the 'Beer Boutique'. So what does this mean? Absolutely nothing! The look will change but the bottom line remains the same.

BrewDog is at it again, This Time with Royal Virility Performance

First its "Tactical Nuclear Penguin", "Sink the Bismark!" and "The End of History", now it's "Royal Virility Performance", a tweak of the nose to the upcoming royal wedding of William and Kate from BrewDog.

Lew just had a great Idea, and this one really might be!!

Lew Bryson at Seen Through a Glass just had what I consider to be a Brilliant Idea.

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