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Alexander Keith's Premium White

Beer Style: 
Wheat beer
Serving Style.: 
341 ml. bottle
Alcohol Content: 
5% abv.
Where Purchased?: 
Beer Store
Beer Rating: 

Alexander Keith's Premium White

Pours a golden color with a clumpy white head. Slightly cloudy like most wheat beers but that is where the similarity ends.
Aroma has a bit of citrus from the hops but mostly the smell of corn.
It starts out with a spice and citrus taste that deteriorates due to the corn. I like corn on the cob and canned or frozen corn but I'm not too impressed with corn in my beer. They could have done better.

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Trafalgar Brewing - Maple Bock

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reviewed by:
Bruce Ticknor

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Serving Style:
650 ML Bottle
Where Purchased:
Beer Rating:

Trafalgar Brewing - Maple Bock

Pours very dark and clear, Coke coloured. A thin and short lived tan head.
Noticeable maple aroma along with hints of coffee and chocolate.
Feel is nicely full, creamy and rich.
Tastes are interesting. The first hit is coffee, chocolate and caramel, a very light citrus comes through and then a long lingering maple syrup finish, hints of vanilla and an indescribable and faint sour taste linger along with the maple.
It's a touch on the sweet side for me but not too bad at all.
I usually worry about Trafalgar's beers because they are not as consistent as they should be but this is a very nice Bock to start with and the maple tastes set it off nicely. I hope they maintain the quality of this one, it's a good seasonal addition to their line up.

Maybe I got a bad bottle, but this was the worst brew I ever tried to drink. It frothed & foamed all over my kitchen counter upon opening, continuing to do so for several minutes. Watch it happen here. http://vimeo.com/21860291 I emailed the company with my concerns, but never heard back from them. I'll be doing what it takes to avoid their product in the future.

Trafalgar has some serious consistency problems. I get one bottle that is excellent and the next undrinkable. I like that they want to experiment, that's a good thing, but you do that with a pilot batch, fine tune and tweak it, get exactly the taste you are looking for and then lock it in. Trafalgar seems to experiment with their production runs and it hurts them badly.

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