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Alpine Lager

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NB Liquor
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Just a regular to even a sub par lager. nothing special about it, which is funny because their slogan is `you have to live here to get it`` but its nothing to get excited about.

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Berthold Keller Premium Lager

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Bruce Ticknor

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Serving Style:
500 ML Can
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Berthold Keller Premium Lager

OK, ya got a first name of Beer (Berthold) and a last name of Cellar (Keller) and this is given as the name of the brewmaster. Seems a bit to much for me, more like some marketing genius???

Oh well, lets try to be fair.

Pours a very clear, light amber colour, your standard Beer colour. A very vigorous pour gave a thick and rocky head. It was pretty short lived.
A faint earthy and grassy aroma. A relatively full mouthfeel, fairly smooth and creamy.
Taste is full of hay and grass with a light citrus and earth bitterness. Not too bad at all, and a lot better than your standard mainstream euro-lager.
The finish is mostly hay and it lingers quite nicely.
All in all this is not all that bad. If you like a grass and hay tasting beer this is a good one, and if you are not sure if that is the taste you want in a beer this is a good one to start with since it is not overpowering but is a good mild example.

Beer tasted pleasant but the after effects are horrendous. Having only had two pints, the next day, my head is swimming, eyes can't see straight (no headache), never ever experienced anything like this. My drinking partner feels the same, woke up thinking his liver had packed up. I am a seasoned beer drinker with an acquired taste - beware.

This is a tasty beer. Easy to drink and no super-hangover as others have claimed. My new favorite to pick up from LCBO.

One of the 12 beers you had must have been bad!

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