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Announcing Session 45 - Wheat Beers

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We are hosting the Sessions, a monthly get together for beer bloggers which was started by Stan Hieronymus. It will be celebrating it's 3rd anniversary in a couple of months.

The Sessions are open to anyone with a blog related to beer, just write your blog on the topic of the month, post it on your own blog on Fri. Nov. 5, and send us a link to it, either by adding a comment to this post or by sending us an email using the contact form in the right hand column.
We have the honour of hosting the 45th session which allows us to choose the topic we will all be exploring, we wanted to get back closer to the roots of the Session and pick a topic which was simple and yet gives a wide range of interpretations so we chose, simply (or perhaps not so simply), Wheat Beers.
Feel free to take this topic in any direction you like, specific reviews, historical information, or any other twist you'd like to use. Wheat beers are a pretty wide topic and actually cover German style Weizen, Heffe Weizen, etc. along with Belgian style Witbier and even Flavoured Wheat beers.
There are very few guidelines here, just have some fun drinking Wheat Beers in the fall instead of the summer.
We are looking forward to reading your thoughts on the subject and will post the round-up within a few days of the Session date.

The Session

I posted my thoughts on the subject, thanks for hosting!


Here's my post. Cheers!

Here's my post.


Session #45

Thanks for hosting this month's Session. Here's my contribution: http://www.thebarleyblog.com/2010/the-session-45-wheat-beer/

The Session

Here is my post.  Thanks for hosting!
A Beer in Hand is worth Two in the Fridge!

The session

Thanks a lot for hosting with a straightforward topic that still has plenty of possibilities.

Here's my link:




Session #45

Hi, we’re new to the Session, so thanks for hosting – here’s our first submission. We managed to source a preview copy of a brand new Edinburgh-area Hefeweizen. Cheers! http://thebeercast.com/2010/11/session_45.html

The BeerCast

Session 45

My Post

This is my first time doing The Session, please be gentle! Here's my post -> The Session #45 – Wheat Beer Availability in Cambridge Supermarkets

The taste of wheat

Is it the wheat itself or the yeast? You probably know the answer.


Thanks for hosting,


As always, a pleasure to participate in the Session on such a great topic:



As always, a pleasure to participate in the Session on such a great topic:


Here's my post

Relatively new to the beer blogging world, and my first entry into The Sessions is here:


Thanks for hosting!

Wheat Beer!!

Session Post

Here is my post: http://beerblog.genx40.com/archive/2010/november/session45

Thanks for hosting!

wheat puns and other funs

Mine were posted here on Friday:

thanks for hosting!


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