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Baked Potatoes a la Nemsis

I just finished supper on a hot summer evening so I thought I would share my recipe for baked potatoes with the world.

Side Dish
Main Ingredient: 
Serving Size: 
1 person

These are best eaten with a big juicy steak and lots of good beer.

Per Person.
1 large thin skinned potato sliced almost in half.
2 thin slices of onion.
1 clove of garlic, slivered.
1 shake of salt. ( you figure out what a shake is)
2 shakes of black pepper.
about a teaspoon of fines herbs.
1 pat of butter or margarine.


place onion, garlic and butter or margarine into the opened potato, add salt pepper and fines herbs to the top, double wrap in foil.
Barbecue on medium to low for about 45 minutes or until the potato feels soft in the tongs.

Top with whatever you like, or just enjoy as they are since the potatoes absorb all the other flavours.

I imagine you all know how to cook a good steak on the barbie, Someday I might teach you MY way.

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