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Broadway Pub - Dandelions

Broadway Pub - Dandelions.jpg
Beer Style: 
Flavoured Beer
Serving Style.: 
341 ML Bottle
Alcohol Content: 
4.0% ABV
Where Purchased?: 
Broue Ha Ha
Beer Rating: 

Broadway Pub - Dandelions

The label says that this is "Belgian Ale Honey & Dandelions". Let's find out.
Pours a very pale and slightly cloudy yellow with a huge white head which quickly reduces and leaves no lace.
Aroma is very malty with hints of citrus and if I try really hard I can get traces of dandelion wine.
Feel is quite rich and creamy.
Taste is not bad at all, Wheat dough comes through strongly along with hints of barley malt, if there is any honey in here it is quite faint. Some light banana and a touch of light lemon citrus.
I don't taste the dandelion at all but it is still a great refreshing wheat beer. The yeast used does not give off the expected heavy dose of bubblegum and banana but the beer is not poorer for that.
All in all, a great summer beer, light in alcohol and perfect for the patio.
I guess it is fairly close to a Belgian Wheat beer in style, not perfect but pretty close.

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Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout

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reviewed by:
Bruce Ticknor

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Serving Style:
355 ML Bottle
Where Purchased:
Beer Rating:

Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout

A thick and lasting tan coloured head. Even when it finally disappears it leaves a lot of lace. The beer is very dark, almost black with red tints.
A hint of a sourness in the aroma along with bitter chocolate and cream.
The mouthfeel is very rich, thick, creamy and smooth.
Taste is quite complex, plum and citrus with lots of chocolate and hints of coffee. A grapefruit like citrus sits on top of the sweeter flavours and keeps the profile quite bright.
The finish is fairly dry with some tannin feel.
I liked the grapefruit citrus on top of all the sweeter chocolate and berry tastes. It was different and seemed to make the beer brighter and more refreshing than it might have been.

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