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Chimay Bleue (Blue) Trappist Ale

Beer Style: 
Trappist beer
Serving Style.: 
330 ml. bottle
Alcohol Content: 
9% abv
Where Purchased?: 
Beer Rating: 

Chimay Bleue (Blue)

Dark in color. Very cloudy with a quickly disappearing head. Very berry nose as it warms.
Subtle citrus flavor, slightly bitter but not offensive.
Citrus beginning, hoppy middle with a vanilla finish.
As it warms this beer gets sweeter with a berry flavor.

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Stone Hammer Premium Pilsner

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reviewed by:
John H.

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Serving Style:
341 ml. bottle
Where Purchased:
Beer Rating:

Stone Hammer Premium Pilsner

Pours out just like a big brewery amber, except it's a little cloudier, but there the similarity ends.
Malty sweet aroma.
Smooth well balanced flavor. A sweetness reminiscent of buckwheat honey with a dash of lemon zest thrown in.
This is a good one.
Not many to be found in my area. I certainly hope that changes. I don't like to drive to another town just to buy beer but in this case it was well worth it.
* I just had a Stone Hammer with my dinner. I discovered that this brew has found the perfect balance of beers. I had a couple of gulps to wash down some food and I had a couple of sips to savor the flavor. In both cases it tasted great. I have changed my review from 4 stars to 5 stars because this beer has found the perfect balance between a pounding beer and a sipping beer.

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