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Damn It.

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This site and these blogs are about beer normally. In fact I am enjoying one now, but this particular blog has nothing more to do with beer. I hope you will forgive me.
My father passed away late last week. He was 86 and pancreatic cancer finally got him. They say that if nothing else gets you first, you will die of cancer. Apparently it is the final level of the "Game of Life". Beat all the other levels and this is your reward. Forgive me if I sound bitter, but, I am damn it.
Dad survived nearly 2 tours flying medium bombers in world war II. If you know any of the history of that branch of the service you will realize what a huge success that was, most medium bomber pilots survived only a few missions, a tour was 50 missions and to be well into a second tour when the war ended was quite a feat.
But he couldn't beat cancer.
He did hang in until after Mom and Dad's 61 anniversary. He made it by 1 day. Mom also has cancer but it is under control at the moment. If nothing else gets her the cancer will.
What a lousy disease. We really need to find a way to beat it.
I will be contributing (again) to the Canadian Cancer Society. I hope some of you will as well.
This is a direct link to the Ontario Donations Page.

Bruce Ticknor

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