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Devoids' Framboise Camembert melt.

I adapted this recipe from one I found on foodtv.ca
I am giving them credit although my recipe doesn't even remotely look like theirs. They used wine, (whine), for heavens sake.

Main Ingredient: 
Camembert cheese
Serving Size: 
2 to 4 people.

1 wheel of Camembert cheese.
Bottle of raspberry flavored beer. I used Mort Subite Framboise from Belgium.
Couple of sprigs of thyme. Remove the leaves from the stem.
Fresh ground black pepper.
Fresh baguette, or any kind of crusty bread. I cut the baguette into 1 inch slices. You can however just rip off pieces, (don't go there), if you like.
Oven proof pie plate or whatever you want to use as long as it is oven proof and is larger than the wheel of cheese.
Tin foil.
Chalice glass.


Unwrap the wheel of Camembert. With a fork poke holes on top and bottom in the shape of wagon wheel spokes. Poke a double row around the the sides.
In oven proof pie plate pour enough beer to a reach a level of 1/4 inch. Note: the smaller the pie plate the less beer you will use. You will see why later.
Place the wheel of Camembert gently into the plate. Turn cheese every half hour or so for about 3 hours. You want the cheese to soak up as much beer as possible.
In the chalice glass pour the remainder of the beer and enjoy. (Who says I don't have a sense of adventure). Hey while you're at it why don't you log on and tell us what you think of your favorite flavored beer.
When the cheese has finished soaking up the beer take the wheel of Camembert and sprinkle on the thyme leaves and a generous amount of black pepper.
Wrap in foil and place into the pie plate. Hopefully you will have dumped out the little bit of beer and washed the plate. If not do so!
Place the plated, wrapped cheese into a pre-heated oven, (400 degrees) and heat for about 10 minutes. Cheese should be runny. If it isn't heat a little longer.
Unwrap the foil carefully so that the top of the cheese is exposed. Dip the bread chunks into this and enjoy with a good beer. We had Leffe Brune, a fine Belgian Abbey beer.
The next time I do this it will be without Nemsis. I love fruit, and it would be a great to have along with this. Everything but meat, vegetables and dairy products make his ear lobes itch.

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