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Gahan Brewery - Island Red Ale

Gahan brewing island red.jpg
Beer Style: 
Red Ale
Serving Style.: 
500 ML Bottle
Alcohol Content: 
5.3% ABV
Where Purchased?: 
Gift from a friend
Beer Rating: 

Gahan Brewery - Island Red Ale
Pours slightly cloudy garnet colour with a thin white head.
The aroma is bread dough, hay, and a touch of fruit and spice.

The feel is quite full and creamy.
Taste is fairly complex, dough and hay with quite a dry finish. A hint of black pepper lingers in the dry finish.
Some hints of caramel and dark toast with a touch of cherry show up in the middle and become a bit more pronounced as the beer warms.
It's not a bad beer at all but the very dry finish puts me off a bit.

Other reviews of this Beer

Fullers ESB Champion Ale

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reviewed by:
Bruce Ticknor

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Serving Style:
500 ML Can
Where Purchased:
Beer Rating:

Fullers ESB Champion Ale

Even as I was pouring this brew I could smell the fruit and raisin scents wafting up from the glass.
It pours a dark clear copper colour with a generous white head, and looks like I always think a British ale should look.
The aroma in the glass confirmed my first impression, lots of dark berry, raisin and date aromas with a hint of alcohol to lift the smell to your nose.
The feel is full, rich and creamy with a sparkle to keep you interested.
Tastes confirm the aroma. Lots of berry and raisin with a bit of dough and grass mixed in. The hops come through more earthy than citrus and with a lovely bitterness which just balances the berry.
This one is a keeper. It leaves a great dry sparkle in the mouth and just yells for another sip.
I wish this was on tap at my local. I'd make it my regular brew.
It's like the session beer I wish I had as a standard.

Fullers ESB Champion Ale

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reviewed by:
John H.

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Serving Style:
500 ml. Can
Where Purchased:
Beer Rating:

Fullers ESB Champion Ale

Pours a burnt red color with a good sized white head.
Aromas are fruit, citrus and just a hint of alcohol.
Very nice creamy mouth feel. That's the way an ale should be in my opinion.
Very fruity flavor with a bitterness from the hops and the alcohol. It is a sparkling kind of feeling after a couple of sips that make you want more.
I just find the alcohol taste a little to strong for me. I've had stronger brews that didn't have as much alcohol after taste as this one.
All in all still quite good although the folks at CAMRA probably wouldn't agree with me.

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