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Garrison Brewing - Imperial I.P.A.

Garrison Brewing - Imperial IPA.jpg
Beer Style: 
Imperial I.P.A.
Serving Style.: 
500 ml. bottle
Alcohol Content: 
7.0 abv
Where Purchased?: 
Beer Rating: 

Garrison Brewing - Imperial I.P.A.
Pours a dark amber color with a thick white head.
Aroma is all citrus with a hint of conifers.
Thick almost chewy taste to start. Very rich and creamy.
Lots of citrus and some berry in the background but mostly the hops. Very nice brew. I could handle a few more of these!

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Wittekerke Rosé

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reviewed by:
Bruce Ticknor

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Serving Style:
250 ml Bottle
Where Purchased:
Beer Rating:

Wittekerke Rosé

Don't bother!
A moderate light pink head on a very cloudy dirty pink beer.
The aroma is strongly of raspberries and it gave me hope of finding another good fruit beer.
Not to be!
The taste does have raspberries in it but there is something wrong with the flavour. It is not whole raspberries. In fact I think it is artificial, and the sweetness is and artificial flavour as well. It has the nasty lingering tastes of diet sodas.
It covers anything which might have been interesting in the beer itself.
I won't be buying this again nor will I recommend it to anybody I actually like.
Maybe I will recommend it to devoid, just for a chuckle.

Recommend it to me? Do you think I can't read?

I've never been sure! Someone probably read it to you.

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