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Hacker-Pschorr Münchner Gold

Hacker-Pschorr Münchner Gold.jpg
Beer Style: 
German Lager (Helles)
Serving Style.: 
500 ml. bottle
Alcohol Content: 
5.5% abv.
Where Purchased?: 
Beer Rating: 

Hacker-Pschorr Münchner Gold

Clear golden color with a clumpy white head. Lots of lace as I swirl the glass gently.
Earthy aroma with a little of the smell of a new mown lawn.
Full, rich creamy mouth feel.
Citrus hops that dry the mouth almost instantly and a taste of postage stamp glue from way back when there was glue on a postage stamp. This is not negative at all because it's not overbearing but just slightly there.
The creaminess stays right to the end unlike some other brews I've had that just dry out the mouth so you have to have another sip. In this case I WANT to have another sip.
I could make a habit of this one.

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Hell's Gate Premium Lager

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reviewed by:

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Serving Style:
Can (341ml)
Where Purchased:
Logan's Pub Liquor Store
Beer Rating:

The other day, my mom wanted me to go up to the liquor store to go buy a couple things. She wanted Dark Rum, and told me to choose a 6 pack of my own. So, I was looking for the cheapest one, and I came across Hell's Gate. I was thinking, "Hmm, I've never tried this before..." So, I picked it out, and purchased it for just over $10.00 for 6. Once I got home, I slipped one out of the 6-pack, and took a sip. And I thought to myself, "Wow, not bad, I like it!" Not that bad of an aftertaste, but, besides that, it's a good tasting beer. Perhaps it could be one of my favourite beers now!

In regards to their Lager, Yes I agree. Hell's Gate Lager is really smooth and has a great after taste. $10? avoid private stores if you can, I get mine from any BCLD store for $7.99 for a 6 pack. Just as good as Stella Artois. I still think Asahi Super Dry has a slight edge though but value wise for your money, I'd say Hell's Gate wins because Asahi is $11.50 for a 6 pack.

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