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Happy New Year to all!

We at Beertaster.ca wish You all a very Happy New Year. May this year be better than your last.
I'm sure it will be for my compadre Nemsis. First He lost His Dad to cancer and then the clumsy oaf fell on ice and broke both the bones in His left ankle. Now I have to drive 20 minutes into the boonies to deliver His ration of beer. This is tougher than you may believe. A 12 pack of 950ml. cans only lasts a couple of days for Him now, since He quit smoking, so He's making up for it by drinking more, if that's at all possible. They say that bad things come in three's so I'm now waiting for the heart attack to strike me so He can complete His trilogy.
Have a very happy, happy, New Year all. May you have many more.
Remember You should always drink in moderation, (Yeah right!), and never drink and drive. Be safe all.

John Hambrock, (devoid)
Bruce Ticknor, (nemsis)

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Beer Quote of the day

Had an awesome time. You tell me to show up and all I have to do is drink beer, play guitar all day and I can lift weights and you're going to pay me for this!

— Zakk Wylde

Can't play guitar and lifting weights is like work. Where does the line form for the beer?