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Het Anker - Gouden Carolus Classic

Beer Style: 
Belgian Strong Ale (Dark)
Serving Style.: 
330 ML Bottle
Alcohol Content: 
8.5% ABV
Where Purchased?: 
Beer Rating: 

Gouden Carolus Classic

I've been waiting for this one!
Pours a very dark chestnut colour, looks a bit cloudy and it shows a dark garnet colour against a light.
The head is huge, light tan coloured and very coarse and rocky. It leaves a full lace lining on the glass.
The aroma is quite sweet, berries (cherry I think) and alcohol. A touch of something that reminds me of dish soap somehow.
Feel is nice, rich and creamy but not thick or chewy.
Taste is a big hit of subdued cherry and dark fruits with a touch of chocolate and roasted coffee. It isn't like the fruit flavours in a flavoured Lambic or anything but they are certainly THERE. A touch of faint spice comes through and a bit of sugar flavour. The aftertaste is largely cherry and chocolate but with a dry bitterness which is quite pleasant.
Reminds me a bit of one of those "Cherry Blossom" candies (the real cherry wrapped in chocolate).
This is certainly a keeper. It is so easily drinkable that you need to watch out for the 8.5% alcohol, you don't really taste it and I suspect that this one could get away from you really easily.
I'll be looking for this as long as the LCBO will stock it and then I may yell at them a bit to try to get more.

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Headstrong Munich Lager

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reviewed by:
Bruce Ticknor

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Serving Style:
371ml Can
Where Purchased:
Beer Rating:

Headstrong Munich Lager

Thick off white head, Dark amber beer.
An aroma of flowers, grass, and citrus with hints of honey and chocolate.
The initial taste is citrus and grass, quickly followed by a nice combination of chocolate, coffee, molasses, and honey. Some berries come through as it warms slightly.
Berries and (predominantly) citrus linger nicely in the aftertaste.
A much fuller flavour than any mainstream lager, almost ale like, compared to most lagers. It shows you what a lager should be, and is in many parts of the world.

A great summer beer. I will buy this one again.

Headstrong Munich Lager

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reviewed by:

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Serving Style:
473ml. can
Where Purchased:
Beer Rating:

Headstrong Munich Lager

Dark amber in color.
Smells of hops followed by the sweet smell of hay and then citrus.
Hops are the first ingredient tasted followed by the sweetness of the malt with a citrus finish.
Not a bad beer but nothing beyond the ordinary. One step up from your everyday session beer.

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