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Het Anker - Gouden Carolus Classic

Beer Style: 
Belgian Strong Ale (Dark)
Serving Style.: 
330 ML Bottle
Alcohol Content: 
8.5% ABV
Where Purchased?: 
Beer Rating: 

Gouden Carolus Classic

I've been waiting for this one!
Pours a very dark chestnut colour, looks a bit cloudy and it shows a dark garnet colour against a light.
The head is huge, light tan coloured and very coarse and rocky. It leaves a full lace lining on the glass.
The aroma is quite sweet, berries (cherry I think) and alcohol. A touch of something that reminds me of dish soap somehow.
Feel is nice, rich and creamy but not thick or chewy.
Taste is a big hit of subdued cherry and dark fruits with a touch of chocolate and roasted coffee. It isn't like the fruit flavours in a flavoured Lambic or anything but they are certainly THERE. A touch of faint spice comes through and a bit of sugar flavour. The aftertaste is largely cherry and chocolate but with a dry bitterness which is quite pleasant.
Reminds me a bit of one of those "Cherry Blossom" candies (the real cherry wrapped in chocolate).
This is certainly a keeper. It is so easily drinkable that you need to watch out for the 8.5% alcohol, you don't really taste it and I suspect that this one could get away from you really easily.
I'll be looking for this as long as the LCBO will stock it and then I may yell at them a bit to try to get more.

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Chimay Premiere

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reviewed by:
Bruce Ticknor

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Serving Style:
750 ML Champaign cork Bottle
Where Purchased:
Beer Rating:

Chimay Premiere

A thick slightly off white head which slowly reduces to several thick clumps. The ale is a cloudy dark peach colour with lots of natural carbonation.
Aroma is cloves and fruit (red berries, raisins and figs) with a touch of chocolate.
Tastes are wonderful and keep changing. There are definite clove tastes to start, and a rich berry and mild chocolate middle followed by a dry earthiness which leaves me wanting another mouthful.
The tastes change dominance as the beer warms in the glass and the finish adds a touch of sweetness to the bitter.

A very complex taste in this beer. It is hard to pin down because every time I have another mouthful the taste seems, somehow, different.

Chimay Premiere

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reviewed by:

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Serving Style:
750 ML Champaign cork Bottle
Where Purchased:
Beer Rating:

Chimay Premiere

A friend gave me this bottle, said it had been in his fridge for about 6 months so I wasn't sure if it was any good.
It's good!
Maybe this is one of those beers that can be aged like wine.

Anyway, the cork popped like a champaign bottle so the was lot's of carbon dioxide, the head was a very light tan colour and very full to start. It soon disappeared but left clumps all over the top of the glass.
The smell was mostly spicy and sweet, like some kind of desserts smell, carrot cake and things.
The taste was great. Some bubblegum tastes and some cloves at the beginning, and then some fruit tastes like raisins or dates or something. There was a sort of a candy taste too and then a touch of coffee. I didn't believe there could be all these tastes in one beer!
Think I will be trying a lot more of this kind of beer. I did some searches on "Trappist Beer" and it seems like these beers are really made by Trappist Monks, or at least under their supervision.
I will be looking for more of them.

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