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Mill Street Organic Lager

Mill Street Organic Lager.jpg
Beer Style: 
Serving Style.: 
341 ml. bottle
Alcohol Content: 
4.2 % abv.
Where Purchased?: 
Beer Rating: 

Mill Street Organic Lager

Very pale amber with a thick long lasting head.
Aroma is hoppy, like a new mown lawn.
Full rich mouth feel.
Quite sweet. Citrus tingle on my tongue.
Not much to it. Rather disappointing. Mill Street makes much better brews than this.

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St. Peter's English Ale

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reviewed by:
Bruce Ticknor

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Serving Style:
500ml. Bottle
Where Purchased:
Beer Rating:

A very short lived coarse thin white head which only appeared after a vigorous pour. The beer itself is a dark orange/amber colour.
Aroma is somewhat sour and slightly earthy, not very strong.
The taste is a malty earthiness with some biscuit and grass present. There is also a bit of citrus and berry. The earthy, almost moldy taste is predominant.
A creamy feel and a nice strong bitterness in the aftertaste help this beer grow on you. I enjoyed my second much more than my first.

I will buy this one again.

St. Peter's English Ale

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reviewed by:

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Serving Style:
500 ML Gree Bottle
Where Purchased:
Beer Rating:

St. Peter's English Ale

A beautiful orange amber colour with a nice full white head.
It has all the flavour of good barley and bright citrus hops.
You can drink them all day and most of the night without getting your tongue burned out or a bloated belly.
The lovely lingering bitterness just makes you want more and more.
A great beer!

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