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Muskoka Brewery - Mad Tom IPA

Muskoka Brewery - Mad Tom IPA.jpg
Beer Style: 
American I.P.A.
Serving Style.: 
355 ml. bottle
Alcohol Content: 
6.4% abv.
Where Purchased?: 
Beer Store
Beer Rating: 

Muskoka Brewery - Mad Tom IPA
Cloudy amber with a thick white head.
Aroma is almost all citrus with a hint of brown sugar or caramel.
Full creamy mouth feel. It starts out citrus and finishes citrus with just a touch of malt sweetness in the finish. The after taste is exceptional in this beer because of the light citrus sparkle. Way to go Lakes of Muskoka.

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Broadway Pub - Dandelions

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reviewed by:
John H.

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Serving Style:
341 ml. bottle
Where Purchased:
Broue Ha Ha
Beer Rating:

Broadway Pub - Dandelions

Pours a very pale amber with a clumpy head and what looks like bits of yeast floating in it. The head is soon gone with just a touch of lace.
Very mild aroma with just a hint of citrus and a mild flower smell. Could be dandelion. It's been years since I stopped to smell one of those pesky critters.
Very creamy mouth feel. Almost like a buttermilk consistency.
Flavor is definitely there. Banana, perhaps some mango and certainly citrus. Very complex and very flavorful. As it warms I get the dubble bubble flavor. This is very nice and most refreshing.

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