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Newmarket Finally has a Real Craft Beer Pub.

I can finally do some things them "Big City" beer writers do and go to a really and truly Craft Beer Pub for a pint or two. Hungry Brew Hop has just opened in Newmarket and it seems like a great place. I've only been there once but I was impressed especially since it is within walking distance of home (if we ever get weather warm enough to walk in again). 26 beer taps and not a Molson or Labatt product in sight. Several from Great Lakes, Muskoka, Sawdust City, Beau's, F&M, and Flying Monkey's along with a few from U.S. craft brewers. Even bottles from Chimay and St. Bernardus. The bar is spacious and bright, the staff are still learning the details of good beer but they are enthusiastic and interested. The menu looks great but I didn't have time to eat there on my visit. I hope to remedy that soon. I am hoping they put on some special events down the road so I can write about them just like those "Big City Beer Writers" do.


I'm going to check that out asap.

Wanna taste some beer now. I

Wanna taste some beer now. I am thirsty. We needed a Real Craft Beer Pub. Thanks for this valuable information.

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