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'Omi's' Mennonite Borscht

The best Borscht recipe ever!!!

Main Course
Main Ingredient: 
Serving Size: 
6 Persons

6 liter, 24 cup pot.
1 kilo (2.2 pounds) cheap roast. Lean is good.
1 rack of back ribs.
4 or 5 good size beef bones.
large cooking onion. Quarter but leave skin on.
2 large carrots, quartered. Don't peel.
1 large bay leaf.
1 large stalk celery, quartered.
bunch of parsley stalks, no leaves.
1 green pepper quartered.
Fill pot 3/4's with water after the ingredients are in.

Second step:


4 or 5 good size potatoes, cubed.
2 large carrots, chopped.
1 head of cabbage, the solid kind. Chopped fine.
1 small beet, peeled and diced. Just for fun, you can skip this part.
1/2 green pepper diced fine.
Table spoon of crushed chili's.

Third step:


I medium cooking onion.
1 28 ounce can of diced tomatoes. My Mom, who is by the way Mennonite, prefers to use real tomatoes. She says they 'shmeck'.
1 can of tomato soup. (I prefer campbells because they make a good


First step:

Put all above 1st step ingredients in pot and cook for at least 3
hours, or until roast meat is falling apart.
Strain, setting aside the roast and stock only. You can keep the meat from the ribs, your choice. (This is not a cheap dish)!
Par boil potatoes. (Too much starch if you just add them).

second step:

Put stock back in pot. With your hands tear meat into bite size
chunks, add all of the second step ingredients, including potatoes and cook until cabbage is soft. Add a good sized bunch of parsley, tied together so you can remove it before serving. A large piece of dill. Don't leave the dill in too long, it will over power the flavor. I leave it in for about 15 minutes.
Add crushed chili's. Salt and pepper to taste.

third step:

In a large skillet saute onions until opaque. Add the tomatoes and tomato soup and half a tomato soup can of water. Heat till bubbling.
Add this to the Borscht and heat for a few minutes more. At this point I taste and add sugar if the acidity from the tomatoes is too much.

Serve and enjoy!

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