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Rogue Brutal Bitter

Rogue Brewing Brutal Bitter.jpg
Beer Style: 
Strong ale
Serving Style.: 
650 ml. bottle
Alcohol Content: 
6.2% abv.
Where Purchased?: 
Beer Rating: 

Rogue Brutal Bitter

Burnt copper color with a thick white head.
Not much aroma, slight citrus and a touch of spice.
Grapefruit sourness to start with a thin but slightly creamy mouth feel. Lemon like middle with a very sour finish.
Reminds me of sour sugar coated gummy candies like fuzzy peaches.

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Rogue Brutal Bitter

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reviewed by:
Bruce Ticknor

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Serving Style:
650 ML Bottle
Where Purchased:
Beer Rating:

Rogue Brutal Bitter

A thick bright white head which slowly reduced to a nice clumpy or rocky layer on the top of an amber and very cloudy coloured ale.
The aroma is mostly grapefruit citrus. A bit of cedar wood is in there somewhere but the name alone warns you that this one is mostly going to be about the hops.
The feel is quite rich and full but the hop sparkle tries to hide it. Your tongue tingles too much to feel much of anything.

Tastes are, again, all about the hops. Lot's of grapefruit citrus tastes and even a hint of nuts are in there, but there is a good solid bed of malt sweetness for the hops to build on.
This is a warm weather beer, (Think Lemonade) which would probably go really well with BBQ burgers or maybe with some fairly strong flavoured fish dishes. I could see this with a robust German style potato salad.
I am not a huge hop fanatic, I prefer the blended flavours in beers, but on a warm sunny summer day I would probably really enjoy the beer.

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