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Session #45 - Wheat Beers, The Round up.

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As Stan pointed out there was a little competition for beer bloggers on the weekend with the beer bloggers conference in Denver, however not all of us got to go.
We enjoyed hosting the session and reading all the various point of view. Not everyone is a huge fan of wheat beers but enough of you are to make an interesting session.
And nobody even yelled at us or anything. I call that a success.

Here is the round up.

Nathaniel at Hop Heaven just had to make me jealous by reviewing a home brewed wheat beer.

Although not too excited about wheat beers The Beer Nut still honored us with His blog.

Ray at The Barley Blog seemed to be waiting for this topic to be posted. He was ready.

Jay at a A Beer In Hand feels that one should drink beer when one feels like and not be dictated to by the seasons. I agree.

Although Derrick at Ramblings of a Beer Runner doesn't find wheat beers exciting He did find one to suit His fancy.

Richard at the The BeerCast brings us a brew from Edinburgh.

Eddie at Beer Dorks fills us in on the trials and tribulations of brewing wheat beer without air conditioning. It sounds interesting in a slightly frightening way.

A first session post for Bob at BobArnott.com. Bob gives us a good rundown on Available wheat beer in Cambridge. A place I would dearly love to visit someday.

And now we come to Stan at Appellation Beer. Stan literally "wrote the book" on wheat beers and he goes on here to describe, with quotes from professional brew-masters, the taste qualities wheat brings to beer.

Simon (I think) at Reluctant Scooper gives us some technical details on Wheat beer including some information on Britain's first International Gluten-Free Beer Festival and information about some of Britain's wheat beer. Hard to get over here.

It's a first Session blog for Mark at Kaedrin Beer Blog and he mentions quite a few wheat beers (Including Canada's own Blanche de Chamblis (At least as long as Quebec stays in the confederation). Mark goes into detail about Flying Dog In-Heat Wheat.

Josh at Hump’s Brewing tells us about some of his homebrew wheat beer called Hump’s Five Grain Ale and goes on to add several interesting nuggets of information including a free plug for Stan who we will get to later.

Alan at A Good Beer Blog reviews Coup De Grisou from Montreal's Les Brasseurs RJ. A buckwheat beer and that's close enough for us.

Joe Stange at Thirsty Pilgrim tells us all "If You Can't Take the Wheat, Get Out of the Kitchen" and then carries on demonstrating what he knows about several wheat beers.

Sean at Beer Search Party comes in a bit late (with an excuse) to tell us about his memories of "Thomas Kemper WeizenBerry" and his wish to just drink it and not try to think about it. I often get that urge so I think I will do it right now.

Jon at The Brew Site forgot to let us know his post was up so I apologize for being late adding it to the round up. He tells us about a wheat beer with passion fruit, a flavouring I don't think I have had in a beer yet. Kona Brewing Company’s Wailua Wheat.

Wheat Beer

Sorry to be late with my addition. In my poor defense, I was at the conference in Boulder.


Shame on you for being late,

Shame on you for being late, we accept Doctors notes and beer blogger conferences as excuses.

The Session

Whoops! I had my post from The Brew Site up at http://www.thebrewsite.com/2010/11/05/the-session-45-wheat-beers.php-- I must have missed the "notification" part :).

- Jon

Added to the round up. Sorry

Added to the round up. Sorry I didn't know it was there.

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