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Trafalgar Brewing - Bock Lager

trafalgar Bock.JPG
Beer Style: 
Bock Lager
Serving Style.: 
500 ML Bottle
Alcohol Content: 
Where Purchased?: 
Picked up at Brewery
Beer Rating: 

Trafalgar Brewing - Bock Lager

A medium tan coloured and short lived head on a very dark red/brown (cola) coloured beer.
I could find no aroma at all.
The feel was medium, slightly watery.
The taste started with a bit of roasted malt, some chocolate and a hint of berry in the finish.
Some alcohol or acitone tastes were present as well.
As Bock beers go this is not a great example. Of course, knowing Trafalgar the next bottle could be exceptional. I wish they could learn to be consistant.


I wish they could be consistent too!

I like to see breweries

I like to see breweries experiment and I like a wide variety of tastes but I really hate it when one batch is so radically different from the next.
I have found some of their beers to suddenly be an entirely different style, not just a different taste.
I can understand minor variations due to raw material changes, but not the kind of swings I have found with Trafalgar.

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Affligem Dubbel

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reviewed by:
Bruce Ticknor

Bruce Ticknor's picture
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Serving Style:
330 ML Bottle
Where Purchased:
Beer Rating:

Affligem Dubbel

A cloudy, dark copper coloured beer with a huge and lasting light tan coloured head. The head leaves lot's of lace if you wait long enough for it to shrink.
The aroma has a strong and clean mineral note, like hard water with a lot of iron in it. Some vanilla, cloves and sugar aromas make it through but the hard water smell is a pleasant note for a guy who grew up in the country with a well that always gave water with this hard water iron taste to it.
Feel is thick, rich and creamy, very nice.
Taste starts with a touch of cloves and vanilla on top of some raisins and plums. A bright light bitterness finishes it but the raisin and plum tastes linger.
This is a great beer, I'm making a chicken stew for dinner tonight and I think one of these will go really well with it.

Affligem Dubbel

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reviewed by:
John H.

John H.'s picture
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Serving Style:
330 ml. bottle
Where Purchased:
Beer Rating:

Affligem Dubbel

A cloudy reddish colored brew with a thick off white head and lots of carbonation bubbles.
Fruit and citrus are the main aromas with some spice lurking in the background.
Very thick rich creamy mouth feel.
Spice and citrus to start, with fruit in the middle and a hoppy citrus finish. There is also a slight taste of alcohol. Quite nice.

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