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True North Wunder Weisse

Beer Style: 
Wheat beer
Serving Style.: 
341 ml. bottle
Alcohol Content: 
5% abv
Where Purchased?: 
Beer Store
Beer Rating: 

Cloudy, which is typical of a wheat beer. Color is reminiscent of apple juice.
Aroma has a hint of coriander and as it warms I get a bit of vanilla scent.
Effervescence which tingles on the tongue.
Not a bad beer. It is drinkable but I have had better wheat beers. This one had me thinking there should be more to it.

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Christoffel Winterse Bok

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reviewed by:
Bruce Ticknor

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Serving Style:
330 ML Swingtop Bottle
Where Purchased:
Beer Rating:

Christoffel Winterse Bok

Pours quite cloudy, and orange brown colour with a thick but short lived tan head.
Aroma of raisins, dates, and a sour citrus.
Feel is rich, creamy and chewy.
Taste is full of dark berry flavours, like the aroma there are hints of raisins and dates with a noticeable berry like citrus over top. Some faint hints of coffee and toast can be found along with a nice dry finish.
The citrus tastes tend to linger mixed with a bit of brown sugar.
The finish is clean enough to make this and easy drinking beer and the lasting aftertaste makes you want another. The sugar in the aftertaste is nicely blended with the citrus tingle.
This beer just works.

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