Things to do when you meet with an accident with a rental car

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Whether you are driving your own car or a rental one, getting involved in an accident with either one of it is not something great an experience. Either way it is stressful where you and your fellow passengers may get hurt as well as damage the structure of the car.

The stress is, even more, when it concerns a car rental Toronto service. Whether it was your mistake or not, the damage was caused while you were driving it so anytime you get involved in an accident with a rental car, there are a few things to do.

Firstly, you are to make sure that you as well as your fellow passengers aren’t hurt. If there is a fire in the car, ensure that you escape it at the soonest before it explodes. If any of you is hurt in any manner, the first call should be to 911. The calling up routine starts from thereon.

  • Call the Cops – This call should be to put up an alert and inform them about all that happened and lodge an accident report stating all that happened.
  • Call the rental company – Since the car belongs to the car rental Toronto company and you have just borrowed it, they need to be informed. Their contact details could be found in the papers they helped you with.
  • Call your insurance company – If you own a collision and comprehensive coverage on your car insurance policy, this will help you even when you drive a car on rent.

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Knowing the insurance coverage for the accident

Once all the calls are made, the next thing is to figure out who would be responsible for the financing the repair and servicing of the damaged car.

If you have purchased the rental car insurance policy at the time of renting the car, it is less likely that you have to pay for the repairs from your account. That does not end there. There are times when these insurance policies have these fine prints on them that we often overlook. It may cover the damage caused as well as the medical expenses after the accident; it may also be the secondary coverage which would come to effect when your car insurance pays first.

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Check if you paid the rental costs with your credit card

There are several credit cards that come with free automobile insurance, and it is likely to come to your rescue when you pay for the money at car rental Toronto in full with the help of the credit card. Any other method used to pay wouldn’t help you in any manner. This insurance doesn’t always have medical costs covered, and so you need to check with the company for it.

The next step

Once you know who and how will they pay for the damage caused, the service provider would make you go through paperwork where you may have to put across police reports and other evidence if any. The repair work would be carried out by the designated people as taken care by the car rental Toronto company and you do not have to be bothered about it.

You never know what the future holds for you and so having a comprehensive car insurance policy helps you for multiple reasons. It protects you financially when you meet with an accident with your car or a rental one.

INKAS Superior Armoured Personnel Carrier

INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing, which is based in Canada, has launched a new Superior armored personnel carrier (APC) or armored medical evacuation vehicle (AMEV), which can be used in different missions. It was officially unveiled in October 2018.

This new armoured car can help in infantry troop movement for militaries anywhere in the world. This armored vehicle has peace-keeping and search-and-rescue (SAR) mission capabilities as well. Armed forces, paramilitaries, law enforcement agencies, and SWAT teams can deploy Superior armored vehicle.

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The features of the armored vehicle have been listed below:


  1. Design

The Superior APC/AMEV has a configuration of 4×4 wheel drive on a chassis that is reinforced. With a reliable modular platform, it is capable of a difficult mission. The engine is in the front, the crew cabin is in the middle, and the troop compartment is at the rear of the armoured car.

It can be manned by a two-person crew i.e. A driver and a commander. But overall, it can accommodate 14 soldiers in the APC mode and up to six injured troops and two soldiers in AMEV configuration.

The windshield is protected by appliqué armor plates. The armored vehicle has two doors on either side of the hull and a hydraulic ramp at the rear. This helps in rapid ingress and egress of the soldiers.

The APC can be equipped with the following equipment:

  •   A barrier system for crowd-control
  •   Front-mounted system for obstacle clearance
  •   Emergency lights package
  •   Acoustic hailing device

The dimensions of the armoured car are 6.9 meters in length, 2.5 meters in width and 2.8 meters in height. The wheelbase dimension is about 4.2 meters, which is higher when compared to the similar vehicles.


  1.   Armament and self-protection

A roof-mounted turret hatch is available on the armored vehicle. It can be armed with a machine gun of 7.62mm caliber. With dedicated weapon mounted on the hull, the firepower of the armored vehicle is greatly improved. It can store ammunitions such as DM51 assault or fragmentation hand grenades.

Advanced protection features such as CEN 1063 BR7 level ballistic protection helps in protecting the travelers from bullets, shells, splinters, and fragmentation effects.

The armoured car can do surveillance operations using PTZ infrared and thermal cameras on-board. Survival of the occupants is increased due to advanced door lock mechanism and bullet-resistant glass which is multi-layered. The escape hatch helps in dismounting soldiers during adverse conditions.

armoured car

  1.   Engine and performance

Equipped with a DT530 inline-6 diesel engine, the Superior armored vehicle has a maximum power output of 300 horsepower at 2,200 RPM. The engine generates a torque of 950lb-ft.

The engine is coupled with an Allison 3000 five-speed automatic push-button transmission system. The armoured car has a transfer case of 10,000lb-ft. capacity.

The vehicle has an electro-hydraulic fuel intake system and fuel capacity of 265 liters. It can travel a long distance on a single fill.

Superior APC’s suspension system is advanced for mobility and smooth rides even while traveling on rough terrains. The armoured car can attain the maximum speed of 130km/h.