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About BeerTaster.ca

If you’re looking for a place to read about beer, write about your favorite or least favorite beer, talk to others who like good beer, or if you are interested in food that is made with beer, or goes well with beer (like, for instance, cornflakes {Wonderful with a good stout, When is the last time You had some for breakfast?}), you’ve come to the right place. You can log on, (really simple and free), and tell the world about your favourite beer or go to the forum section and do the same.
At BeerTaster.ca we are all about the beer. We want to demonstrate to all of North America that the “Mainstream” beer is mostly just “Fizzy Yellow Water” made for people who really don’t like the taste of beer and that there is SO much more to real traditional beer.
We love craft brews, off the wall beers, extreme beers, and most anything else you can think of if it relates to beer.
We love the history and tradition of beer, the foundation (maybe) of civilization as we know it.
We also love the way beer tastes in food and how it tastes with food.
We can’t think of a beverage (Including wine) which can compliment so many foods so easily. Argue with us if you like but I think you will lose. There are just so many beer styles for us to choose from that any “Vinophile (an ugly word if ever I heard one)” is going to be hard pressed with some food choices.
Most of all, we love talking to other people who love good beer. We want to hear from and talk to as many others as we can.
We hope you will find some interesting information on these pages and that you will share YOUR tidbits of knowledge with us and the rest of the world.


nemsis and devoid,
Your semi-grouchy semi-old and totally beer-loving hosts.